Monday, July 28, 2014

Lady in Lace

Lace Top (bottom): Forever 21| Lace Top (top): Elodie| Skirt: H&M|
Studded Pumps: Wild Diva| Handbag: Jessica Simpson| Pearl Necklace: Target|
Pearl Ring & Earrings: Forever 21

When it comes to my personal style, I consider myself an eclectic, classy, free-spirited, fearless fashionista. Because I am able to embrace change, my style is constantly evolving. I have a great appreciation for many different styles, but there are a select few that I am more drawn to that continue to live with me throughout the years. One style that has and will always follow me is what I call the classy lady look. This look symbolizes maturity, class, and sophistication. It is mostly worn by older women, career women, church-going, or conservative women, most of which are in their thirty's and older. The saying "thirteen going on thirty" really applied to me when I was growing up. Ever since I was a young girl, I found myself interested in this classy lady look. Part of it is because I have always envisioned myself as a career/business woman. I love that I have such a diverse style now, and as I was growing up, because it allowed me to be the young girl that I was, and, at the same time, I was able transform myself and play with the idea of the woman that I wanted to become through fashion.

This outfit was inspired by the classy lady look. I styled this outfit with the intent of making it soft and delicate (some of the qualities of a lady), with a little edge. I layered two lace tops (one in white and the other off-white) to add a subtle contrast and give this look a delicate and feminine feel. For the jewelry, I chose to go with pearls and gold details to make it extra feminine and to add a touch of class. The edgy part of this look is in these awesome gold studded heels. These heels are a replica of the famous Valentino studded heels. The pointed toe, medium heel height, and neutral color of the shoes have all of the qualities of a shoe that is suitable for a work environment. The addition of the studded straps take these shoes from conservative, to edgy, which show that the lady who wears them is fearless in style and doesn't mind stepping outside the box.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you were inspired to experiment with different styles. Stay tuned for more, and see you again on the next style post!

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