Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fourth of July Series: Casual Nautical

Shirt, tank top, and striped shorts: Forever 21| Yellow Sandals: Target|
Yellow Tote: Ross | Bracelet and Rings: Forever 21| Gold Chain: Target| Earrings: Call it Spring

The stripes are back, but this time they are vertical. Here's a casual take on the nautical look, styled around these striped sailor short shorts. The embossed gold button detail on the front of the shorts are what caught my attention. The buttons and the navy and white stripes give these pants that nautical look that I love so much. 

I wanted to create a look that was simple, comfortable, yet sexy. My rule of thumb when it comes to showing skin and dressing sexy is to show off one part of my body at a time(upper or lower). If it shows a lot of skin on the lower part, then the top needs to be covered up or with something loose-fitting and vice versa. I think this is a good rule to keep in mind and great way to look sexy and classy without attracting the wrong kind of attention. 

These striped shorts are very short and sexy, and show off a lot of my legs. So to follow my fashion rule, I wore them with a white basic tank top and added a sheer white button down shirt over it. The white button down gives this outfit an easy breezy look and makes these sexy little pants a little more classy. I had to add a pop of color with my sunny bright yellow bag and sandals. This handbag is great for storing a lot of the beach and pool essentials such as flip flops, sunscreen, swim suit, etc.The red lipstick and nails add an extra pop of color and make this look a little more patriotic. At first I was a little apprehensive about putting together the yellow and red. Those colors together remind me of ketchup and mustard. I finally decided to pair the two together because after all, this is barbecue season and that's what people like to do during fourth of July. For the accessories, I decided to wear a long gold chain, gold rings, and bracelet to match the gold buttons on the pants. I wore my navy blue earrings with an anchor design in the center to help tie in the nautical look. This outfit is casual, cool and perfect for the beach, a barbecue, or pool party. 

I hope you enjoyed outfit #2 of my Fourth of July series. Thank you for stopping by my blog and remember to stay tuned for outfit number three.

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  1. Love the outfit! Especially the bursts of yellow, gives me a sunny feeling, takes me to a totally tropical place. The little pants are both masculine in its tailored look but feminine in the sexy little cut! The earrings take it to that sophisticated level, gotta check out Call it Spring!