Friday, April 26, 2013

Pretty in Peach

Crochet tops, skirts, pants, and even shoes have been very popular recently. I've wanted a pair of crochet shorts like these for quite a while.  The first time I saw them was about a year ago at Forever 21 and they were in one of my favorite colors, lime green. I was so close to buying them, but they were really short and something about them just didn't convince me enough to go for them. Earlier this year, I saw a similar pair at H&M, and one at TJ Maxx in cream.  Still, I was not very excited about buying them. Then I saw these at Love Culture and completely fell in love. I was particularly drawn to the beautiful detail of the pattern and the design of the belt line around the waist. The other ones I saw either had a black elastic band around the waist or the same pattern all throughout. I also like that they make it seem like I’m wearing a skirt, and not to mention the gorgeous coral color! When I tried them on, they fit perfectly and felt so comfortable, so you know what happened next. I had to bring them home with me.

As I was walking around the store I also noticed these beautiful  sling back wedges with a peach flower print on the heel. I put them next the coral shorts and knew this was a match made in heaven. To style this outfit, I paired up the shorts with a black bodysuit that has a sheer detail on the top, and this very pretty clutch, which features the lovely peach color of the shorts and the black lining around the zipper as well as black tassel to match the bodysuit. This outfit is not complete without accessories, so I added these peach and gold beaded earrings and chunky beaded bracelet. To top off this very girly look, I added the flower in my hair. 

Black Bodysuit: Forever 21 | Coral Crochet Shorts: Love Culture | Sling Back Floral Wedges:  Love Culture |  Purse: H&M 

I wanted the different shades of orange, the peach and coral colors to be the first thing you notice about this outfit. These colors are repeated several times in different textures and mediums to create some interest. Which peach detail in this outfit is your favorite? 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Violets are Blue

Greetings lovely followers! If you’re on the East coast, I hope you have been enjoying the great weather. I certainly have! If you haven’t noticed already, I have an obsession with bright colors and prints. I have been in love with leopard print and floral prints since I can remember (yes, I wore leopard print as a little girl). Those two are definitely on the top of my list of favorites. I’m not wearing any animal print on this post, but I am wearing a floral print, high-low top that I am absolutely in love with. I really like the design on the back of this shirt. The v-cut gives it a little sea appeal, and the way it drapes gives it a very feminine and elegant look. 


When wearing bright colors and prints, I normally don’t like to overdo it. I think it’s important to find a focal point in your outfit and let that be the center of attention. Everything else should complement it. For this reason, I chose to wear the top with white faux leather skinny pants just like background color on the shirt. I paired muted purple Steve Madden heels with a rhinestone detail. Notice how they are not the same bright purple color as the roses on the top, instead, they are lighter. This helps bring out a little color from the top without necessarily taking away from it.

Moving back to the top, the focal point; I decided to bring out the violet flower to life (not literally of course) with this pretty violet/blue flower headpiece. I really like rhinestone detail in the flower. It adds a feminine touch. Believe it or not, I bought this flower in 2004 when Avon first launched their Mark products and this is the first time I put it on my hair. I used to wear it on the side of my blouses, but this time I figured I try something different. I brought out more colors from the top with this yellow purse and bright pink nail polish. I picked out just about every bright color from the top without blinding your eyes. Do you agree?  It’s all in the tiny bits of details that I gently placed in the main area of focus.

Speaking of details, check out the gorgeous chandelier earrings that I’m wearing. I won these beauties a few weeks ago from a fellow fashion blogger’s giveaway contest. For this giveaway, she paired up with another fashion blogger and boutique owner, Erika Batista. Check out Nadia’s blog NAC Styles and Erika’s blog Lola Blue, the Closet for more fashion inspirations. Be sure to stop by Lola Blue the Closet’s boutique and check out her gorgeous jewelry collection. 


Look who decided to join in on the fun! My adorable son Arthur.

Floral Print Top: Burlington Coat Factory | White Faux Leather Pants: H&M | Yellow Merona Crossbody Handbag: Target (on sale now!) |  Flower Headpiece: Mark| Dalia Earrings: c/o Lola Blue the Closet

Thanks for visiting my blog! Stay tuned,… and stay beautiful inside and out. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Blossom Into Spring

It’s finally starting to feel like spring, temperature wise, but the trees…well the trees are late blooming. They are looking pretty sad and dry, but who says we can’t bring some life to our environment? It is time to blossom into spring. If the trees are not inspired to show us their colors, let’s give them a little inspiration through our fashion styling with the beautiful bright colors and floral prints that are oh so popular this season.  

I took advantage of this warm sunny day and pulled out my floral top designed by Prabal Gurung. I love Prabal Gurung’s 2013 spring collection! It is so lively and colorful and lively and colorful is so me. What I like the most about the floral print in his collection is that they remind me of a watercolor painting and are very reminiscent of the warm seasons; spring and summer. I also like the sheer detail on the shoulders, which gives the top a very subtle sex appeal. I chose to wear it with black leggings, black tank top, and my black suede pointed pumps. I wanted to keep this look very simple because I wanted the top to be the focal point. To bring out a color from the shirt, I added this lime green Jessica Simpson clutch, which I purchased for only $20 at TJ Maxx (what a great find!). I dared to be different by not buttoning the top all the way. I buttoned the first button and stopped there. This works well with long button down blouses -- so if you want to break from the traditional way of wearing button downs, try buttoning just the top button.

I want to pay special attention to these shoes because they are very special to me. They were a gift from one of my clients whose kitchen I designed in January. She is a 74 year-old lady from Belmar, NJ. Sadly, she was affected by hurricane Sandy and she lost just about everything in her house. Luckily these lovely shoes, which she used to wear in the late 50s survived. These vintage beauties are in mint condition. The quality is impeccable and they fit perfectly. She noticed my small feet and offered to give me her shoes since she didn’t know anyone who would be able to fit into them.  I am so grateful for these shoes. They have become one of my priceless processions.

Tank Top/Leggings: Forever21, Shirt: Prabal Gurung for Target, Jessica Simpson Clutch: TJ Maxx

This season in fashion is filled with vibrant colors and fun prints. What colors and prints are you drawn to?