Friday, April 26, 2013

Pretty in Peach

Crochet tops, skirts, pants, and even shoes have been very popular recently. I've wanted a pair of crochet shorts like these for quite a while.  The first time I saw them was about a year ago at Forever 21 and they were in one of my favorite colors, lime green. I was so close to buying them, but they were really short and something about them just didn't convince me enough to go for them. Earlier this year, I saw a similar pair at H&M, and one at TJ Maxx in cream.  Still, I was not very excited about buying them. Then I saw these at Love Culture and completely fell in love. I was particularly drawn to the beautiful detail of the pattern and the design of the belt line around the waist. The other ones I saw either had a black elastic band around the waist or the same pattern all throughout. I also like that they make it seem like I’m wearing a skirt, and not to mention the gorgeous coral color! When I tried them on, they fit perfectly and felt so comfortable, so you know what happened next. I had to bring them home with me.

As I was walking around the store I also noticed these beautiful  sling back wedges with a peach flower print on the heel. I put them next the coral shorts and knew this was a match made in heaven. To style this outfit, I paired up the shorts with a black bodysuit that has a sheer detail on the top, and this very pretty clutch, which features the lovely peach color of the shorts and the black lining around the zipper as well as black tassel to match the bodysuit. This outfit is not complete without accessories, so I added these peach and gold beaded earrings and chunky beaded bracelet. To top off this very girly look, I added the flower in my hair. 

Black Bodysuit: Forever 21 | Coral Crochet Shorts: Love Culture | Sling Back Floral Wedges:  Love Culture |  Purse: H&M 

I wanted the different shades of orange, the peach and coral colors to be the first thing you notice about this outfit. These colors are repeated several times in different textures and mediums to create some interest. Which peach detail in this outfit is your favorite? 

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