Monday, July 28, 2014

Lady in Lace

Lace Top (bottom): Forever 21| Lace Top (top): Elodie| Skirt: H&M|
Studded Pumps: Wild Diva| Handbag: Jessica Simpson| Pearl Necklace: Target|
Pearl Ring & Earrings: Forever 21

When it comes to my personal style, I consider myself an eclectic, classy, free-spirited, fearless fashionista. Because I am able to embrace change, my style is constantly evolving. I have a great appreciation for many different styles, but there are a select few that I am more drawn to that continue to live with me throughout the years. One style that has and will always follow me is what I call the classy lady look. This look symbolizes maturity, class, and sophistication. It is mostly worn by older women, career women, church-going, or conservative women, most of which are in their thirty's and older. The saying "thirteen going on thirty" really applied to me when I was growing up. Ever since I was a young girl, I found myself interested in this classy lady look. Part of it is because I have always envisioned myself as a career/business woman. I love that I have such a diverse style now, and as I was growing up, because it allowed me to be the young girl that I was, and, at the same time, I was able transform myself and play with the idea of the woman that I wanted to become through fashion.

This outfit was inspired by the classy lady look. I styled this outfit with the intent of making it soft and delicate (some of the qualities of a lady), with a little edge. I layered two lace tops (one in white and the other off-white) to add a subtle contrast and give this look a delicate and feminine feel. For the jewelry, I chose to go with pearls and gold details to make it extra feminine and to add a touch of class. The edgy part of this look is in these awesome gold studded heels. These heels are a replica of the famous Valentino studded heels. The pointed toe, medium heel height, and neutral color of the shoes have all of the qualities of a shoe that is suitable for a work environment. The addition of the studded straps take these shoes from conservative, to edgy, which show that the lady who wears them is fearless in style and doesn't mind stepping outside the box.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you were inspired to experiment with different styles. Stay tuned for more, and see you again on the next style post!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Royal Rose

Blouse, Pants, and Shoes: Forever 21 (similar hereand here) | Earrings (gift)| Cocktail Ring: Charming Charlie's 

Floral print and bright colors during the warmer seasons are always a must-have for me. The royal blue roses against the pale pink background on this blouse are quite a regal and feminine combination. Wouldn't you agree? When I came across this royal blue, rose printed blouse I just couldn't pass it up. I was excited to style an outfit that portrayed both the sophisticated, yet playfulness of the blouse.

For this look, I chose to keep it plain and simple with the exception of the blouse and the shoes. I wanted the blouse to be the main focal point, and the shoes to be the extra pop of color that ties in with the vibrant blue color on the blouse. The light pink pants keep this outfit pretty neutral and allow for the blouse as well as the shoes to stand out beautifully on their own, without taking away from each other. The pants help create a balance, and not to mention, they match perfectly with the background color of the blouse. Lucky for me, I already had the blue pumps, which also match perfectly with the roses on the blouse. These pumps are playful, and sophisticated, so I thought they would be a great addition to to help complete this look. For the accessories, I chose to go with sparkly light pink rhinestone stud earrings, and a large blue stone cocktail ring. I also thought that wearing my hair up in a bun was a great way to add to this sophisticated look.

This is a great outfit to wear to church or even to work, so long as the environment in which you work, or the type of church you belong to is not strictly traditional with their dress code.

I hope this post brightened your day and inspired you to add color or maybe a bold print to your work wardrobe. Thanks again for stopping by my blog. See you on the next style post!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Color & Print Fiesta

Top & Tribal Print Shorts (similar hereand here): Marshall's| Heels: Carlos Santana| Necklace: Forever 21|
Earrings and Ring: Charlotte Russe

There’s a party in my pants… a colorful and mixed print party that is. The fabric of these eye-catching little short shorts features multiple tribal patterns and an explosion of vibrant colors. What makes them even more interesting is that the design of the front of the pants is different from the back in the way they are designed as well as the patterns. The front is a little more conservative giving the appearance of a short skirt, while the back fits a little more tight and is more on the sexy side.  This multitude of colors and different patterns work well together and create what I call a print and color fiesta (party).  
To bring more excitement to the party, I decided to bring in more color and a little extra pattern to the rest of the outfit. I wore these pants with a bright pink loose-fitted blouse to give this sexy outfit a touch of class. I paired it up with my very colorful Roulette heels  by Carlos Santana. The colors and the tribal fabric on the heels work perfectly with these pants. When I put the two together I thought they were a match made in heaven.  Speaking of which, I fell in love with a 'message in a bottle' necklace with the word love cut out in gold. The necklace is a subtle detail that adds interest to the look without taking away from the outfit. To bring in a little bit more  excitement to the party (as if this combination is not exciting enough) I added some bright yellow earrings, gold bangles, and my colorful ring that also features the same colors seen on the rest of the outfit. All of these details complete the outfit and blend together beautifully. 
This outfit can be worn to any summer party, preferably outdoors. These exciting bright colors and the playful patterns are perfect for the summer and they are sure to bring life to any party.
Thank you for stopping by my blog. Stay tuned for some more exciting Summer outfit ideas. See you on the next style post!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Shift Into The Wild

Dress: ASOS| Sandals: Mossimo (similar herehere)| Hangbag: Anne Klein| Accesories: Forever 21
Happy Monday! Yes, it is Monday... again. Time to get back to business. I hope you all enjoyed the holiday weekend. I certainly enjoyed spending quality time with my family. It's always hard to say goodbye to the weekend, but saying goodbye is not always such a bad thing. It's the end of one good thing, and the beginning of a better one.

I'm starting my week on a positive note and to match my cheery attitude, I am wearing this colorful, and daring little shift dress. Before I get into the details of my outfit, let me just say that I have to give credit to the very stylish Mrs. KT Reed from KTR Style for finding this amazing dress. I am a die hard leopard print lover, and I am also crazy about colors, especially fun and girly colors. When I saw KT post a photo of her wearing this dress, I fell in love immediately. Not only is it leopard print, but it's purple leopard. I couldn't resist, so I had to buy it and make it part of my leopard collection.

Shift dresses are one of my top favorite dress styles. I love the loose-fitting, boxy cut of this dress. They don't accentuate your body shape, which leaves a lot to the imagination. This big bold print works well with a shift dress because it allows for all the attention to go towards the dress and not the figure. Shift dresses are typically acceptable to wear to work. This purple leopard dress can be worn to an office that either does creative work, or whose dress code is business casual.

I wore this dress with metallic silver and black strappy sandals and a black satchel to match the bold black print on the dress. The subtle mix of metallic details makes it a little more dressy and the purple nails and lips make it extra bold and bring out the darker purple color of the dress. If you're looking to tone down the look a little, instead of wearing the purple lips and nails, you can always go for a nude lip and/or light purple nails. For my hair, I decided to make a high bun and drop a few curls on the side to to create a sleek and feminine look.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope that this look inspires you to step outside the box, and gives you the courage to take a walk on the wild side. Thanks again for stopping by my blog. See you on the next style post!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Fourth of July Series: Nautical Elegance

Blazer: Jones New York (Buy it here)| Basic White Tank Top and Pants: Forever 21 (similar heresimilar here)|
Shoes: Michael Antonio (Buy it here)| Necklace/Earrings/Ring/Bracelet: Forever 21 (similar hereherehereand here|
Gold Chain Belt: Vintage (similar hereand here)| Handbag: TJ Maxx (similar here)

I can't seem to get away from the nautical look. When I said it's one of my favorite summer styles, I meant it. It reminds me so much of the beach, sand, and sun, which are some of the things I love so much about the Summer.

Last, but not least, I present to you the third look of my fourth of July style series. I decided to give the nautical look a touch of elegance by wearing all white with gold details. I added a light blue blazer that has a subtle pinstripe pattern, navy blue trim and reversible cuff, and my favorite part, the gold embossed buttons, which are all classic details of the nautical style. To give this look and extra pop of color I put on red lipstick and painted my nails red. The color red gives this look a little more life and ties in all of the patriotic colors that are popular during the fourth of July. This outfit is perfect to wear to a party on a boat or a party by the beach. I also think that this outfit  would be great for a day when you want to dress up for work during the Summer. Not everyone would dare to wear this to work, but for those who do, know that you are bound to make a statement of elegance.

I hope you enjoyed these nautical inspired outfits. Thank you for stopping by my blog and stay tuned for more Summer outfit ideas. Have a fun and safe 4th of July!