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Holiday Outfit Remix

Happy holidays my dear readers! I hope you are all well rested and recovering from all the holiday activities. I'm a little drained, but I'm still going. In this post I will talk about three different holiday celebrations I attended on December 2013. This post will be separated into three sections, showing you photos of what I wore to the events, some outfit details, and I will also share with you some of the things I enjoyed about each event. So let's get started!

Blogger's Holiday Soiree

On December 19th I had the opportunity to attend a Blogger's Holiday Soiree in Hoboken, NJ. This event was hosted by Lillie Morales of Jersey Fashionista. During this event I was able to meet and network with other fashion bloggers in the NY/NJ area. The guest speakers shared their stories of how they started blogging, their experiences, and they also shared blogging tips and offered positive advice to keep us motivated. Some of the guest speakers and bloggers at this event were some well-known bloggers such as Dana Prigge, Naty Michele, Alicia Gibbs, Erika Batista, Jennifer Daure, Kristen Mangione, Melissa FloresPashuntrishaNadia, Cherina, Julissa, Lee Valenzuela and many more. If you can't get enough beauty tips, fashion outfit ideas, and where to find great deals on your favorite brands, I recommend that you check out their blogs and You Tube videos and be sure to follow these lovely fashionistas.

Black & white photo taken by  J.Gomez Photography. Can you spot me in the crowd? 

I wore a red, green, and yellow plaid dress from the Princess Vera collection at Kohl's. I bought it about a year ago a little after Christmas. When I saw it I knew I had to get it. Not only because it was on sale, but I loved the style of this dress. It's comfortable, form fitting and I love the gold sequin detail on the collar. It was pretty chilly out so I didn't want to wear the dress without adding a top underneath or on top. I chose to wear it with a black mesh bodysuit underneath as opposed to a cardigan or blazer because I didn't want to hide the dress. I got a lot of compliments on the dress and the shoes that night. The shoes were a recent purchase from love culture. I love the gold detail and they're also pretty comfortable and very affordable!

Dress: Vera Wang's Princess Vera for Kohl's| Mesh Bodysuit: Joyce Leslie similar here| Black Polka Dot Tights: Macys| Black and Gold Strappy Heels: Love Culture| Bracelets: Forever21 similar

Noche Buena Family Party   

Most Latin countries celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve also known as Noche Buena. Being a Dominican native, the people in our country typically begin their Noche Buena by having a big dinner with their family. After the dinner, we dance and celebrate all night. At midnight, we stop to remember why we celebrate Christmas; the world was gifted with the newborn baby Jesus and in honor of this beautiful gift we celebrate his birthday and exchange gifts with family members. Throughout the night, you see children laughing and playing with their toys that they received, the adults engage in conversations, crack jokes, take photos, and dance the night away. The party doesn't stop until we drop. It's no secret that we Dominicans like to celebrate. 

Below are some photos of my Noche Buena family party and a mini photo shoot I did showing you my outfit of the night. I wore a little black sequin dress, which I though was elegant, sexy, yet classy. To continue this elegant look, I wore it with my vintage black pumps. I wanted to look sexy without showing too much skin so I wore my black mesh bodysuit underneath the dress and black fishnet stockings. The bun on the side and red lips complete this look and add a dash of sass.

Black Sequin Dress: Joyce Leslie| Black Mesh Bodysuit: Joyce Leslie similar here| Black Pumps: Vintage

Holiday Dinner with a Dear Friend

On Christmas day I usually stay at home, watch movies and relax. This year I did something different. I had the pleasure of enjoying a nice meal with one of my dear friends Melissa and her family. The food was so good! I have to give a thumbs up to Melissa's BBQ chicken and her sister Makeba's candied yams. I will need to get that recipe because it sure was delicious.

I wasn't sure what I wanted to wear that night, but I definitely knew I wanted to wear something sparkly. I love all things sparkly, sequins, glitter, gold, if it  shines it's mine. Being that during this time of year it is appropriate to wear things that sparkle, I pulled out my navy blue blazer with sequins in the arms. I wore it with black leggings, the black mesh bodysuit, and black suede boots. To complete the look I add a little pop of color to the outfit with my bright red lipstick. 

Blazer, Leggings, Suede Boot: Forever21| Black Mesh Bodysuit: Joyce Leslie similar here

So you've seen me wear the same clothing item (black mesh bodysuit) on all three occasions. I have to say I definitely got a good use out of the bodysuit. Take a look at the recap photo below. Which outfit did you like the best?

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Thank you for stopping by. Be sure to stay tuned, and stay beautiful inside and out.



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