Thursday, May 30, 2013

Southwestern Style with a Modern Flair

Aztec print has become very popular recently. I personally have been in love with the Southwestern look for a few years. I began to appreciate it more after traveling across the country throughout the Midwest. I have always had a deep appreciation for ethnic designs. I enjoy meeting people from all parts of the world and learning about their culture and traditions. In fact, some of the things I wear and even some of my designs are based on the different cultures I have learned about and become attracted to over the years. From the food, to the clothes, to the music and dance, or artifacts; I believe there is a lot of knowledge we can gain and there's so much we can appreciate if we took the time to learn from each other's cultural backgrounds. 

"If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him."
                                                                    John F. Kennedy

For this outfit post, I chose to give the Southwestern look a modern flair by pairing this beautiful coral high/low top with Aztec print leggings. What I like about this top is the beautiful gold studded detail on the collar and along the button line. Leggings or high/low tops are not a part of the traditional Southwestern look, but the Aztec print on these leggings and the metal detail on the collar of the shirt give the Southwestern style a more fresh and updated look. This outfit is perfect for an evening dinner with girlfriends or a gallery opening on a first Friday. 

High/Low Top: Easy Pickins | Aztec Print Leggings: Forever 21 | Heels: Forever 21 | Clutch: Vintage

So I'm curious...what culture(s) are you drawn to? What do you enjoy about the culture(s) (i.e. clothing, art, food, music, dance)?